Monday, September 11, 2017

I had a baptism on my birthday in Arequipa, But Now I'm in Camana!

Camana in the back, this is my new area.

Sorry I haven't written you all in 5ever. got lots to catch up on now. 

Sooooo no idea if I told you guys yet or not, but I had a baptism on my birthday!!!!! and the president came to baptize him, so, that was pretty awesome, and no better way to top off a perfect day and then to find out you have transfers!! jk, that sucked, cause I absolutely LOVVEEDDDD my area in Arequipa, I felt at home in that ward, so it was sad to leave.

I'm in camana now! which is a pretty poor area, like, all dirt roads, and houses literally made out of  sticks, and all the houses are on the side of the hills, which means loottssss of uphill walking #calvesofsteel #goodbyecelutitis but its cool. its like a little farm town. everyone has chickens, ducks, cows, and everyone either owns or works in the fields.

They grow a loottttttt of rice here, like all the rice people buy in all of Peru, a good amount of it is from camana jajaja and the people are suppeerrrr nice, and just about everyone is down to listen to us, which is amazing, but very few of the people who listen to us are ok with getting baptized, which kind of sucks. 

In the 4 weeks I've been here, my comp and I have set severals baptism dates with people, and they`ve all fell, except one, but hey, one's better than nothing.

Hna Escobar and Me

My new companion is Hermana Escobar. she's Argentinian, makeing her my second argentinian companion, and shes cool. 

Kissing my lunch, It tested reallyyy good!
Anyways in other super new, cool and exciting news,  guess what I did on saturday, I KILLED A FREAKING CHICKEN, THAT'S RIGHT I DID; cut his head rigghhttttt off, and the blood splattered all over my skirt, which was super dope, but it wasss soo weird cause like, I had always heard that chickens still run around for a while without there heads, but I had never seen it before, and I always thought that they do it for only a few seconds, BUT IT WAS MOVING FOR SOOOO LONGGGGG FLAPPING IT WINGS AROUND AND TRYING TO RUN AWAY FOR LIKE, 3 WHOLE MINUTES, WHICH IS A SUPER LONG TIME,  and I had its head in my hands, and even it head was moving around in my hands it was soooo weirddd, I felt soo bad for it, but it tasted realllyyy good so that made me feel less sad. 

Anyways folks I don't have much time left but I PROMISE to write next week love you all!! stay safe from the hurricane!!!

Camana from my room

Monday, July 31, 2017


The quake, which was initially measured by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre at 6.3, was 27 miles deep and centred 120 miles southwest of Puquio, Peru, the USGS said. The quake was felt in Peru's second largest city of Arequipa and in northern Chile, local media reported.

Hey, followers! so I have NO IDEA how I forgot to tell you guys this last week, but I EXPERIENCED MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!  

What happened was that my comp and I were sitting at the dinner table with the old couple we live with, and all of a sudden, the mirror they have hanging on the wall started to move, and in my head I'm like "why is it moving," maybe its from the wind, but the windows were closed¨ and as I keep trying to figure out why the mirror is moving, the whole wall stats to shake, and my chair starts shaking, and then EVERYTHING WAS SHAKING!!!! and it didnt cause any damage or anything, but it still shook pretty hard, like we live on the second floor and everything was moving. 

It was a 6.3 earthquake, and it shook for like, 30 seconds, which is pretty long for an earthquake, and since it was my first earthquake, instead of being scared, I was SUPERRR excited and I wanted to record it, but I didnt get to my camera on time ;( but yeah, that was cool. 

The one in the middle is Alexandra, who was baptize two weeks ago and is now going visiting investigators with us!

Changing the subject, Everything is going pretty gosh darn great for us. Remember Alessandra, the girl that got baptized a couple weeks ago? Well she started accopanying us to lessons this week and she went with us to a lesson with Anthony. 

An investigator who has a baptism date, and I have to say it was one of the best lessons I have had in my whole mission. The spirit was SSOOOO STRONG!! and the best part is that Alessandra was participating during the whole lesson, and testifying about everything we said. 

It was actually so amazing to see someone who just got baptized alrready have such a strong testimony, and it really helped anthony feel really motivated about his baptism, casue he was at her baptism, and he saw the change that she had and got to heir her testimoney of how much the gospel has helped her even though shes only been a member for two weeks.

 Honestly. I just felt SOO HAPPY during that whole lesson, and it made me want to work as hard as I can so that every person I teach can come out like her. 

Well, this computer doesnt let me send pictures, so thats all for now. peace out yall 

Sister Burgos

Monday, July 24, 2017

After 6 YEARSSS of investigating, she FINALLY got baptized!

Alessandra´s baptism, with her parents and Mission president and wife

Hey followers! lots to catch you guys up on. 

sooo remember that baptism I had told you guys about? well, it happened!! after 6 YEARSSS of investigating, she FINALLY got baptized! our mission president came and baptized her, and it was actually the greatest thing ever. 

First of all, her mom and her sister are already members, and when she was bearing her testimony after she got baptized, she looked straight at her dad (the only non member left in the family) and testified that families can be together forever and it was such a great moment and everyone there felt the spirit soo strong. Also, she even started accompanying us to teach lessons this week, so shes doing pretty well. 

And there are two brothers that we're working with right now. ones a less active member and the other one is an investigator, and we invited them to the baptism, and after, they wanted to talk to our mission President, and while they were talking, President put a baptism date with our investigator, and he accepted!!! lol so he did that job for us, and his date is on my birthday, August 12, so I'm really hoping it doesnt fall through. 

Me and the primary kids

Also, as I think you all already know, we have several kid investigators, and there was a primary activity on Saturday, we took them, and then after, there was a baptism in another ward where two kids were getting baptized, so we took them too, and it was soooo awesome getting to spend all that time with them, and after the baptism, they both said that they wanted to be baptized!! now we just have to get their mom to think the same thing lol. well, I think thats all for now, here are some pics :) love you all!! 

Sister Burgos

Two of our investigators. i promised them that if they behaved well i would buy them something

Piero playing the flute 
Making inchacapi (a food from la selva) with some members

Me and the snake

Monday, July 10, 2017

I was fed fried cow intestines this week

The patacones we made as a district becasue duh, #colombiansrule

Hey followers! so my moms been snappin at me for not writing, so heres another update:) 

Remember how I told you guys that my comp and I had two weeks of just straight nothing, which was just completely and totally terrible? well thats finally over. We've had like, 8 new investigators over the past two weeks, and we're having a baptism this Saturday!!! which is a complete miracle cause this girl is an eternal investigator.

She's been investigating the church for like, 3 years, and she had several baptism dates, but they all fell cause either she had change her mind or she wouldn't pass the baptism interview, but on Thursday we were talking with her and she said that she wanted to be baptized next Saturday and so my comp and I are just like aight lets do this and we were super stressed about her interview but SHE PASSED!!! 

But yesterday at church she was inviting everyone to her baptism so it really seems like shes excited about it! and we have lots of other investigators that are showing lots of progress too, so hopefully there will be more baptisms coming soon.

My ex bishops daughters baptism

 In other news, I was fed fried cow intestines this week, so that was weird. anyways here are some pics :) love you all!!!!

Sister Burgos

Failed attempts of getting a decent pic as a district 

me playing cajon

Monday, June 26, 2017

Guys Guys Guys can you believe it, It turn 6 months this week!

Rocoto relleno con pastel de papa



Time really does fly, lol, less than one year until I see you all again! 

Tthis weeks news, this week completely sucked. on Monday, President Johnson held this special meetign were we were supposed to bring our investigators and recent converts, and we invited everyone and a ton of people were gonna go, but literally half and hour before the meeting began EVERYONE cancelled on us, so my companion and I were the ONLY ONES THERE who didnt have an invesigator with us.

This is How Heavenly Father let us have at the end of a difficult day  

On Saturday, there was a baptism, and we had invited investigators who have baptism dates to go, and again, cancelled on us last minute. 

Then on sunday, we had confirmed with a family of investigators that we were gonna pick them up to go to church, and Sunday morning, we go allll the way to their house to find out that THEY WEREN'T THERE!!  they had left earlier that morming to go somewhere and didn't tell us so we due to that whole shebang we got to church late and empty handed, osea not one single investigator went to church that sunday, so that was just the worst. 

Also All through the week, almost all the appoinments we had fell, so yeah, not a very productive week for us, but I have faith that this week will be better. 

Some of the girls we are teaching

Here are some pics. the group of girls im with was from a stake activity where we taught the youth how to be missionaries and we took them out with us for a day. I did that activity once as a youth, so it was super weird but cool being on the other side of it.

Sister Burgos

Me and one of our kid investigators 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Teaching kids is wayyy better then teaching adults, why is that?

Leo and us

Hey followerssss!!!! whats happening peopleeee????? 

I know its been a while, sorry for getting lazy with the emails lol.
But anyways, we had a baptism last week! his name is Leo and he's 9, and he's totally awesome. We've been starting to work a lot more with the members, which realllyyyy makes a difference. We're teaching lots of people, and the majority of them are kids, which is really fun haha teaching kids is wayyy better then teaching adults. Adults complicate things to much. 

The sad thing is that kids rely totally on their parents, so if the parents say no for them to baptize, theres not much we can do, but we're working with the parents, or at least attempting to, so we'll see how that goes. 

My and the angry parrot

Me and the llama
In other news, we went to the zoo last week! and I finally got to live my dream and take a selfie with a llama!!! jajaja that was awsome and I got to hold a parrot too, that only let me hold it, all the elders would try to hold it and it would bite them jajaja.

In weird food news, I was fed chicken foot soup last week, which actually doesnt taste bad but i mean, its a chicken foot, so its never not weird jajaja

Anyways sorry I cant write more this week but I PROMISE to write next week, for real this time, hahaha love you all!!

Sister Burgos


Monday, May 29, 2017

My first week in Arequipa

The famous volcano Misti. Isn't it handsome?

My dear faithful followers, whats poppin?
So this week has been suuppppeerrrrrr slow, as the first week opening area usually is. We didn't know were any of the members or investigators lived, we were walking around #lostttt the whole time. we acccidently left the area a couple times too lol, but we're starting to learn our way around better. 

The members have been helping us out quite a bit too. this ward is definitely in better shape than my last ward.

We´ve had several lessons this week, but thursday, literally all our lessons fell except one, which was at 7 at night, and since we didnt know anything else in the area, our only backup plan was to contact, so we were contacting for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS it was sooo exhausting, 5 straight hours of knocking on doors and wandering around lost through the streets. 

The baptism we stole, hehehehe

But on the bright side, we had a baptism on saturday! I mean, the other sisters were the ones who taught him and everything, we literally just showed up to baptize him, so I dont really count it towards one of my baptisms, but whatever. anyways, that's all for now. keep it real fam, until next time. 

Sister Burgos out 

Eating anticucho aka cow heart. Actually pretty tasty if you dont think about how it used to give life to an animal lol 

- me eating anticucho aka cow heart. actually pretty tasty if you dont think about how it used to give life to an animal lol 
- the famous volcano Misti. Isn't it handsome? 
- the baptism we stole hehehehe

Monday, May 22, 2017

My first area change!!!

Ward activity

Hey followers! Hermana Burgos reporting live from the streets of AREQUIPA!!!! 

I have officially left the area of my birth, which obviously was sad, cause it was the first area I ever got to know on my mission. Now I'm in Arequipa, opening new area (again) with my ner comp, Hermana Liza. 

She is peruvian, from Chiclayo, but yeah, my new area is called puerta verde, and it feels sooo wierdddddd being in Arequipa, but its cool, cause now i get to see the volcanoes everyday!!!

Saying good by to my families in Arequipa

By by girls, so sad

There are three volcanoes here: Pichu Pichu, Chachani, and el Misti, which is the more popular one, and you see them suupperrr big and clear from my area, its supperrr cool, so expect pics of that next week. Anyways, even though leaving my first area was sad, Im actually really excited for this new transfer. I dont know why, but I just feel like its gonna be a good 6 weeks. 

A cold, dry, but good six weeks. anyways, seeign as I just got here, I dont really have much more to say, but no worries, I PROMISE to write you guys next week. love you all!!! here of some pics of my saying bye to the members.

Sister Burgos 

Monday, May 15, 2017

A day visiting the fire fighters

Me and the fire truck

A little cute pink rabbit 

My compas in my zone

Monday, May 1, 2017

Having a taste of how missionerie have to live, like 50 years ago!

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Hey followers! sorry I totatally abandoned you guys these past few weeks. tbh I was just too lazy to write lol. 

So update: its been three weeks and we STILL dont have a phone, so Im getting a pretty good taste of how missionaries had to live like, 50 years ago. Even though is like 50 times harder without a phone, I can say that it's not impossible.

 Hermana Miño and I have still managed to be able to have success, having new investigators every week, and several that are progressing. bbuutttttt it would be nice to have a phone sooonnnn. 

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So this past week we did a service project, helping our district leaders investigator clean out his house. as you can see in the pictures his house is just walls. thers no roof, and the floors were all dirt, rocks and trash. so we cleared out all the rocks and the trash and evened out the floor so it was easier to walk on. and it was soooo much work, I was actually a different color at the end cause I was literally covered in a layer of dirt, but despite that, it always feel so good helping others, especially people like him who have basically nothing, but being able to see how they still find joy in the small things. 

We´ve also been working a lot more with the ward, cause its not the strongest, so we´ve been having family home evenings with the members several times a week, and we´ve started to see progress. More have been attending church, and more of them are starting to help us out more. Its so awesome to finally start seeing progress from all the work we´ve done. 

Today, we had a training for the whole stake, and we had to go, and at first we were bummed cause that meant we couldt have our p day, cause it was from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, but after the first couple of ours of training were over, the whole stake was outside playing volleyball and we played with them and it was actually a lot of fun, and we got to spend more time with the members which was great.

Anyways, the little kid that's in charge of the internet, just said, our time was up, so peace!!!

Sister Burgos

My comp and I taking advantage of the mirror