Monday, September 11, 2017

I had a baptism on my birthday in Arequipa, But Now I'm in Camana!

Camana in the back, this is my new area.

Sorry I haven't written you all in 5ever. got lots to catch up on now. 

Sooooo no idea if I told you guys yet or not, but I had a baptism on my birthday!!!!! and the president came to baptize him, so, that was pretty awesome, and no better way to top off a perfect day and then to find out you have transfers!! jk, that sucked, cause I absolutely LOVVEEDDDD my area in Arequipa, I felt at home in that ward, so it was sad to leave.

I'm in camana now! which is a pretty poor area, like, all dirt roads, and houses literally made out of  sticks, and all the houses are on the side of the hills, which means loottssss of uphill walking #calvesofsteel #goodbyecelutitis but its cool. its like a little farm town. everyone has chickens, ducks, cows, and everyone either owns or works in the fields.

They grow a loottttttt of rice here, like all the rice people buy in all of Peru, a good amount of it is from camana jajaja and the people are suppeerrrr nice, and just about everyone is down to listen to us, which is amazing, but very few of the people who listen to us are ok with getting baptized, which kind of sucks. 

In the 4 weeks I've been here, my comp and I have set severals baptism dates with people, and they`ve all fell, except one, but hey, one's better than nothing.

Hna Escobar and Me

My new companion is Hermana Escobar. she's Argentinian, makeing her my second argentinian companion, and shes cool. 

Kissing my lunch, It tested reallyyy good!
Anyways in other super new, cool and exciting news,  guess what I did on saturday, I KILLED A FREAKING CHICKEN, THAT'S RIGHT I DID; cut his head rigghhttttt off, and the blood splattered all over my skirt, which was super dope, but it wasss soo weird cause like, I had always heard that chickens still run around for a while without there heads, but I had never seen it before, and I always thought that they do it for only a few seconds, BUT IT WAS MOVING FOR SOOOO LONGGGGG FLAPPING IT WINGS AROUND AND TRYING TO RUN AWAY FOR LIKE, 3 WHOLE MINUTES, WHICH IS A SUPER LONG TIME,  and I had its head in my hands, and even it head was moving around in my hands it was soooo weirddd, I felt soo bad for it, but it tasted realllyyy good so that made me feel less sad. 

Anyways folks I don't have much time left but I PROMISE to write next week love you all!! stay safe from the hurricane!!!

Camana from my room