Monday, June 19, 2017

Teaching kids is wayyy better then teaching adults, why is that?

Leo and us

Hey followerssss!!!! whats happening peopleeee????? 

I know its been a while, sorry for getting lazy with the emails lol.
But anyways, we had a baptism last week! his name is Leo and he's 9, and he's totally awesome. We've been starting to work a lot more with the members, which realllyyyy makes a difference. We're teaching lots of people, and the majority of them are kids, which is really fun haha teaching kids is wayyy better then teaching adults. Adults complicate things to much. 

The sad thing is that kids rely totally on their parents, so if the parents say no for them to baptize, theres not much we can do, but we're working with the parents, or at least attempting to, so we'll see how that goes. 

My and the angry parrot

Me and the llama
In other news, we went to the zoo last week! and I finally got to live my dream and take a selfie with a llama!!! jajaja that was awsome and I got to hold a parrot too, that only let me hold it, all the elders would try to hold it and it would bite them jajaja.

In weird food news, I was fed chicken foot soup last week, which actually doesnt taste bad but i mean, its a chicken foot, so its never not weird jajaja

Anyways sorry I cant write more this week but I PROMISE to write next week, for real this time, hahaha love you all!!

Sister Burgos


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