Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Lord will always bless us!

Hey followers! 

Well getting straight to the point, this week was very difficult: Two of our investigators decided not to continue with the lessons, we visit all the references we had and seem like no-one wanted to listen to us this passed week. Also during our time nocking doors the people were slamming the door and no-one wanted anything to do with us. When we finally have the chance to teach an investigator and we asked the investigator if he wanted us to continue teaching him he was like, NOPE.

The person schedule for this Saturday to be baptise started having crazy doubts and now I’m scared he’s going to decide not to go through with the baptism. Moreover the super good family we had, went on vacation, and in top of that I’m getting WEIGHT! So yea, definitely not so great week. Can you notice that in my update today? but no worries folks, we are not sad or depress because all that is going to change this week. We are going to go out and work suuppperrr hard to find new investigators and we have some new references that seem good and the family we are teaching is coming back this week, so we are going to work like crazy and to prevent any further weight gain. This past week was horrible.

But I know that if we do our part and work hard, The Lord will bless us and will help us find the people we need to find.

Like Jeffery R. Holland once said, “These difficult lessons teach us that man’s extremity is God’s opportunity, and if we will be humble and faithful, if we will be believing and not curse God for our problems, He can turn the unfair and inhumane and debilitating prisons of our lives into temples—or at least into a circumstance that can bring comfort and revelation, divine companionship and peace." So I know that if we just give it all we got, The Lord will always bless us.

Anyways, this PDay we when back to the “puente colgante,” Hanging bridge, this time as a district, and the "combi" (van) left us TWO AND A HALF MILE away from the bridge. So the way there and back we ended up walking 5 miles! and it was soooo hot, I get like 3 shades darker today, but it was fun. We climbed to the top of a hill that was there and it had an amazing view and we all share our testimonies while we were up there at the top of the hill and the spirit was super strong, so it was a good way to start off the week.

I will sadly inform you that the computer i’m using is not letting send pictures. I will send some next week and Hopefully I’ll have better news to share by them.

Love You all!!    

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hey Family Happy Valentine's Day

A view of a sunset from my room

I love ALL OF YOU! and eat lots of chocolate for me! 

This week was pretty cool. We got FOUR NEW INVESTIGATORS and one of them was from one of our own investigators! she just started inviting her friend to our lessons and she’s super interested which is so cool. Also we found this family that is SO AMAZING we literally went to their house for the first time on Friday and they invited us to dinner that night and we had lunch with them yesterday! and they absolutely love everything we teach them they are the best. Things are really starting to pick up over here, and its so cool. 

I`ve been eating sooo much rice and potatoes here its literally in every meal and every day is a carb overload. Its so bad no wonder all the sisters gain weight over here, BUT I DONT WANT TO GET FAT so my companion and I have taken it upon ourselves to start a diet and start running every morning, and for those of you who know me know that diet and exercise are not my favorite things, so, we`ll see how that goes, lol.

Anyways, not much more to report about this week, and the only pictures I have are of the view of the sunset from my room, and a pic of me and my compi. Hopefully I`ll have more to share next week. Love you all!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In deed, the foot notes in The Book of Mormon are AMAZING!

I never realize how amazing were the foot notes 

What’s up family? How is everything in the states? Everything here and the work is progressing in Tacna! 

It’s a desert here. It’s so hot, but at least I’m getting tan, theres a blessing in everything!

Miculla dunes

This week went by, sooo fast, it’s scary. Little by little the days are starting to go faster and faster before I know it, I’m gonna be done with my training! 

Things are starting to pick up a little more each week too. We have more investigators, and one in particular who has a baptismal date and he's been progressing SOOO MUCCHHH! It feels soooo good to teach people and to help them learn how to develop a relationship with their Heavenly Father and seeing them being so willing to make all the changes necessary to their lives to follow the example of Christ. It really makes walking for hours through the heat all worth it, I LOVE ITTT!! and its only been three weeks! I cant wait to see how much better it gets. 

Sister Mendez and I with sun glasses
This is my intimidating look, with the lip like that no body dare to get close

I never realized how AMAZING studying the scriptures could really be, before, I used to just read them, but wow! the foot notes are AMAZING they help you understand so much more and I’ve been reading a Book of Mormon manual along with it and it helps me analyze the scriptures in a way I never have before, its so cool. I’ve learned sooo much more and every time I study I ALWAYS find something that helps my investigators. It feels so cool to be able to apply the teachings of the scriptures not only to my life but for others too, I LOVE the scriptures now. 

A giant among men in Tacna

Today was such a fun PDay! (day off for preparation, this is the day that we use to do our personal things and also to go places and to learn more about our area, having fun) this day, a family in the ward invited us out and they took as to see all of Tacna. It was so fun. Remember the picture of the arch I sent last week? theres a park that has all of that in miniature and I took a picture next to it, it makes me look like a giant lol. Also, they took us wayyyyyyy into like the desert area, Miculla I think its called, and its alllllll desert and its like all sand dunes there, and there was this rope bridge that goes across the canyon and we crossed it. It was so scary but so fun, we kept shaking the bridge as we crossed it and it would start to sway, but don’t worry mom, it was all very safe lol. I’m gonna send lots of pics.

This bridge was scary but fun

My companion and I
Emitting the statute at the park 

I know you can not see the statute now but you get the idea

Eating a Peruvian popsicle with a little girl of my ward 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

God does really know what you are going through, and send His tender mercies only for you.

Orion's Belt, a very special gift just for me

Hey guys! Hermana Burgos here coming with another weekly update!  

Things finally started to pick up this week! We have 4 investigators and one baptism date!!! it feels sooo good to finally have other stuff to do besides contacting, lol. and it feels soooo good to teach people!!!!! 
Like, actually helping people learn about the gospel and helping them see how it can change their life is so amazing I loooveeee it. 

Also, one of the things we have to do everyday here in the mission is language study. The gringos study Spanish and the Spanish people study English, which left me out cause I ain’t gotta study none of that, so I took it upon myself to learn QUECHUA!!!! (which is a native inca language, for those who don’t know) I even bought my self a book and cd today so i can start! and one of my zone leaders speaks Quechua so I can practice with him!  hopefully in a while ill be TRILIGUALLLLLL! HEYOOOOOOOOO!! lol.

Ready to start learning Quechua, I'm going to impress my investigators

Today we went to this thing called la Cachina, which is literally just these streets full of literally everything you can think of and they sell it for SUPEERR CHEAPPPP!! its like a giant flee market, mom, you´d love it there. I got 6 skirts and 3 shirts there and I didn’t even spend 30 soles! (Peruvian money, which is like 10 bucks, super cheap) and its so nice to have more stuff to wear cause I was already tired of wearing the same old stuff lol.

The ward is starting to shape up to! people are finally starting to help us they’re trying to do more stuff to strengthen themselves and help us find more people, in a while hopefully we´ll have a super strong branch. 

Oh! and something super cool happened! one thing here that I don’t like is that there are literally NEVER any stars in the sky, like you’re lucky if you see one or two. Anyways, there was this one night that totally sucked cause no one wanted to listen to us and our appointments fell through and I was feeling super down and then I look up at the sky and I saw my favorite constellation, Orion’s Belt! and obviously it made me super happy to see that and i didn’t feel sad anymore, and later that night, it disappeared, so it was only there during the time I felt sad. some may say that its a coincidence, but I felt that when I looked up and saw that, heavenly father was giving me the little extra boost I needed to get through that night. so yeah, super cool. ( To my family, please when you see the missionaries  open your home for them and ask them to teach you, you don’t know how happy you will make them, you won’t loose anything by listening)

I’ve only been here two weeks and I already have a killer watch tan and shoe tan! 

watch tan

Shoe tan

When we don't have anyone to tech we teach the JW

Training conference with President Johnson in Tacna

Together and the chapel in Tacna for our conference

Training time

Having lunch together

I'm very happy being here with this bunch of missionaries