Monday, June 26, 2017

Guys Guys Guys can you believe it, It turn 6 months this week!

Rocoto relleno con pastel de papa



Time really does fly, lol, less than one year until I see you all again! 

Tthis weeks news, this week completely sucked. on Monday, President Johnson held this special meetign were we were supposed to bring our investigators and recent converts, and we invited everyone and a ton of people were gonna go, but literally half and hour before the meeting began EVERYONE cancelled on us, so my companion and I were the ONLY ONES THERE who didnt have an invesigator with us.

This is How Heavenly Father let us have at the end of a difficult day  

On Saturday, there was a baptism, and we had invited investigators who have baptism dates to go, and again, cancelled on us last minute. 

Then on sunday, we had confirmed with a family of investigators that we were gonna pick them up to go to church, and Sunday morning, we go allll the way to their house to find out that THEY WEREN'T THERE!!  they had left earlier that morming to go somewhere and didn't tell us so we due to that whole shebang we got to church late and empty handed, osea not one single investigator went to church that sunday, so that was just the worst. 

Also All through the week, almost all the appoinments we had fell, so yeah, not a very productive week for us, but I have faith that this week will be better. 

Some of the girls we are teaching

Here are some pics. the group of girls im with was from a stake activity where we taught the youth how to be missionaries and we took them out with us for a day. I did that activity once as a youth, so it was super weird but cool being on the other side of it.

Sister Burgos

Me and one of our kid investigators 

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