Monday, May 29, 2017

My first week in Arequipa

The famous volcano Misti. Isn't it handsome?

My dear faithful followers, whats poppin?
So this week has been suuppppeerrrrrr slow, as the first week opening area usually is. We didn't know were any of the members or investigators lived, we were walking around #lostttt the whole time. we acccidently left the area a couple times too lol, but we're starting to learn our way around better. 

The members have been helping us out quite a bit too. this ward is definitely in better shape than my last ward.

We´ve had several lessons this week, but thursday, literally all our lessons fell except one, which was at 7 at night, and since we didnt know anything else in the area, our only backup plan was to contact, so we were contacting for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS it was sooo exhausting, 5 straight hours of knocking on doors and wandering around lost through the streets. 

The baptism we stole, hehehehe

But on the bright side, we had a baptism on saturday! I mean, the other sisters were the ones who taught him and everything, we literally just showed up to baptize him, so I dont really count it towards one of my baptisms, but whatever. anyways, that's all for now. keep it real fam, until next time. 

Sister Burgos out 

Eating anticucho aka cow heart. Actually pretty tasty if you dont think about how it used to give life to an animal lol 

- me eating anticucho aka cow heart. actually pretty tasty if you dont think about how it used to give life to an animal lol 
- the famous volcano Misti. Isn't it handsome? 
- the baptism we stole hehehehe

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