Monday, May 22, 2017

My first area change!!!

Ward activity

Hey followers! Hermana Burgos reporting live from the streets of AREQUIPA!!!! 

I have officially left the area of my birth, which obviously was sad, cause it was the first area I ever got to know on my mission. Now I'm in Arequipa, opening new area (again) with my ner comp, Hermana Liza. 

She is peruvian, from Chiclayo, but yeah, my new area is called puerta verde, and it feels sooo wierdddddd being in Arequipa, but its cool, cause now i get to see the volcanoes everyday!!!

Saying good by to my families in Arequipa

By by girls, so sad

There are three volcanoes here: Pichu Pichu, Chachani, and el Misti, which is the more popular one, and you see them suupperrr big and clear from my area, its supperrr cool, so expect pics of that next week. Anyways, even though leaving my first area was sad, Im actually really excited for this new transfer. I dont know why, but I just feel like its gonna be a good 6 weeks. 

A cold, dry, but good six weeks. anyways, seeign as I just got here, I dont really have much more to say, but no worries, I PROMISE to write you guys next week. love you all!!! here of some pics of my saying bye to the members.

Sister Burgos 

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