Monday, July 31, 2017


The quake, which was initially measured by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre at 6.3, was 27 miles deep and centred 120 miles southwest of Puquio, Peru, the USGS said. The quake was felt in Peru's second largest city of Arequipa and in northern Chile, local media reported.

Hey, followers! so I have NO IDEA how I forgot to tell you guys this last week, but I EXPERIENCED MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!  

What happened was that my comp and I were sitting at the dinner table with the old couple we live with, and all of a sudden, the mirror they have hanging on the wall started to move, and in my head I'm like "why is it moving," maybe its from the wind, but the windows were closed¨ and as I keep trying to figure out why the mirror is moving, the whole wall stats to shake, and my chair starts shaking, and then EVERYTHING WAS SHAKING!!!! and it didnt cause any damage or anything, but it still shook pretty hard, like we live on the second floor and everything was moving. 

It was a 6.3 earthquake, and it shook for like, 30 seconds, which is pretty long for an earthquake, and since it was my first earthquake, instead of being scared, I was SUPERRR excited and I wanted to record it, but I didnt get to my camera on time ;( but yeah, that was cool. 

The one in the middle is Alexandra, who was baptize two weeks ago and is now going visiting investigators with us!

Changing the subject, Everything is going pretty gosh darn great for us. Remember Alessandra, the girl that got baptized a couple weeks ago? Well she started accopanying us to lessons this week and she went with us to a lesson with Anthony. 

An investigator who has a baptism date, and I have to say it was one of the best lessons I have had in my whole mission. The spirit was SSOOOO STRONG!! and the best part is that Alessandra was participating during the whole lesson, and testifying about everything we said. 

It was actually so amazing to see someone who just got baptized alrready have such a strong testimony, and it really helped anthony feel really motivated about his baptism, casue he was at her baptism, and he saw the change that she had and got to heir her testimoney of how much the gospel has helped her even though shes only been a member for two weeks.

 Honestly. I just felt SOO HAPPY during that whole lesson, and it made me want to work as hard as I can so that every person I teach can come out like her. 

Well, this computer doesnt let me send pictures, so thats all for now. peace out yall 

Sister Burgos

Monday, July 24, 2017

After 6 YEARSSS of investigating, she FINALLY got baptized!

Alessandra´s baptism, with her parents and Mission president and wife

Hey followers! lots to catch you guys up on. 

sooo remember that baptism I had told you guys about? well, it happened!! after 6 YEARSSS of investigating, she FINALLY got baptized! our mission president came and baptized her, and it was actually the greatest thing ever. 

First of all, her mom and her sister are already members, and when she was bearing her testimony after she got baptized, she looked straight at her dad (the only non member left in the family) and testified that families can be together forever and it was such a great moment and everyone there felt the spirit soo strong. Also, she even started accompanying us to teach lessons this week, so shes doing pretty well. 

And there are two brothers that we're working with right now. ones a less active member and the other one is an investigator, and we invited them to the baptism, and after, they wanted to talk to our mission President, and while they were talking, President put a baptism date with our investigator, and he accepted!!! lol so he did that job for us, and his date is on my birthday, August 12, so I'm really hoping it doesnt fall through. 

Me and the primary kids

Also, as I think you all already know, we have several kid investigators, and there was a primary activity on Saturday, we took them, and then after, there was a baptism in another ward where two kids were getting baptized, so we took them too, and it was soooo awesome getting to spend all that time with them, and after the baptism, they both said that they wanted to be baptized!! now we just have to get their mom to think the same thing lol. well, I think thats all for now, here are some pics :) love you all!! 

Sister Burgos

Two of our investigators. i promised them that if they behaved well i would buy them something

Piero playing the flute 
Making inchacapi (a food from la selva) with some members

Me and the snake

Monday, July 10, 2017

I was fed fried cow intestines this week

The patacones we made as a district becasue duh, #colombiansrule

Hey followers! so my moms been snappin at me for not writing, so heres another update:) 

Remember how I told you guys that my comp and I had two weeks of just straight nothing, which was just completely and totally terrible? well thats finally over. We've had like, 8 new investigators over the past two weeks, and we're having a baptism this Saturday!!! which is a complete miracle cause this girl is an eternal investigator.

She's been investigating the church for like, 3 years, and she had several baptism dates, but they all fell cause either she had change her mind or she wouldn't pass the baptism interview, but on Thursday we were talking with her and she said that she wanted to be baptized next Saturday and so my comp and I are just like aight lets do this and we were super stressed about her interview but SHE PASSED!!! 

But yesterday at church she was inviting everyone to her baptism so it really seems like shes excited about it! and we have lots of other investigators that are showing lots of progress too, so hopefully there will be more baptisms coming soon.

My ex bishops daughters baptism

 In other news, I was fed fried cow intestines this week, so that was weird. anyways here are some pics :) love you all!!!!

Sister Burgos

Failed attempts of getting a decent pic as a district 

me playing cajon