Monday, July 10, 2017

I was fed fried cow intestines this week

The patacones we made as a district becasue duh, #colombiansrule

Hey followers! so my moms been snappin at me for not writing, so heres another update:) 

Remember how I told you guys that my comp and I had two weeks of just straight nothing, which was just completely and totally terrible? well thats finally over. We've had like, 8 new investigators over the past two weeks, and we're having a baptism this Saturday!!! which is a complete miracle cause this girl is an eternal investigator.

She's been investigating the church for like, 3 years, and she had several baptism dates, but they all fell cause either she had change her mind or she wouldn't pass the baptism interview, but on Thursday we were talking with her and she said that she wanted to be baptized next Saturday and so my comp and I are just like aight lets do this and we were super stressed about her interview but SHE PASSED!!! 

But yesterday at church she was inviting everyone to her baptism so it really seems like shes excited about it! and we have lots of other investigators that are showing lots of progress too, so hopefully there will be more baptisms coming soon.

My ex bishops daughters baptism

 In other news, I was fed fried cow intestines this week, so that was weird. anyways here are some pics :) love you all!!!!

Sister Burgos

Failed attempts of getting a decent pic as a district 

me playing cajon

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