Friday, March 17, 2017

I has been three month in the mission almost, Wow! How the time past!

My "Compi" turned one year in the mission and she is going to another zone!

This week was terrible diet-wise. My companion turned ONE YEAR in the mission, so members were making us food left and right. We had “Salchipapas” (French fries with sausage, cheese and other things) THREE NIGHTS in a row and then cake in between all that, so i definitely got fatter this week.

Happy one year mission for my sister companion!!!
A mini watermelon and investigator gave us

Last Sunday, some recent converts invited a friend to church with him, and we came over to his house several times this week so we taught him, and he´s literally the perfect investigator. He reads before the lesson so he comes prepared, he understands everything super well and is already keeping all his commitments and he HIMSELF said he wanted to get baptized and set a date and everything. Its so amazing, but the part that sucks is that HE DOESNT LIVE IN OUR AREA! so we did all this work with him and helped him progress, just to find out that he’s not in our area, but in the zone leaders area, so we´re literally just handing a baptism to our zone leaders, which hhurrtssss sooooo mucchhh, but at least we still helped someone, which is whats important. 

This week, I’m doing divisions for the first time with the sister leaders, and I’m staying in my area while my compi goes to another, which means I ACTUALLY HAVE TO LIKE TO TAKE CHARGE AND DIRECT THE AREA AND STUFF which is superrrrr scary, so we´ll see how that goes. 

Also, Elder Falabella is coming to Tacna, so we will get to meet him and heard him speak on Thursday, thats gonna be goo! 

Anyways, im running out of time, so here are some pics. Love you guys! 

Sister Burgos out 

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