Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Guess what????? I had my first baptism!!!!!!!! YASSSS FINALLYYYY!!!

Together with our investigator that became our first baptism

It was the most amazing thing EVER!!! 

and it was super cool cause the elders originally found him closed the area before they could start teaching him and  it was closed for a while, but then, my companion and I opened the area again and we found him and started teaching him and he got baptized! The elder who baptized him was the one who originally found him! isn’t that so cool?

anyways, this week went a lot better. We went to Arequipa this week for a mission wide conference. Elder Gudoy was there, he´s of the quorum of the 70, and we got to meet him and heard him talk. It was super cool.

The whole mission was there so I got to see all my friends from the MTC (Missionary Training Center) which was super cool, but the trip was TERRIBLE!!!

We had to be at the bus station Friday night at 11 at night and we didn’t leave until 1 in the morning and we had to travel 7 hours on a SUPPERRR HOT BUS. We got to Arequipa at 8 in the morning, and then left at 2pm after the conference, so we were literally only there for only 6 hours and had to travel 7 hours back again.

But the plus of the trip was that I finally got to see “misty!!” which is the name of the volcano there in Arequipa. It’s SOOO BEAUTIFUL but i didn’t get to take a picture of it, but I'm happy I finally got to see it.

Anyways, thats all I have for this week.


Resting after a long day of traveling the middle of the road.

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