Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In deed, the foot notes in The Book of Mormon are AMAZING!

I never realize how amazing were the foot notes 

What’s up family? How is everything in the states? Everything here and the work is progressing in Tacna! 

It’s a desert here. It’s so hot, but at least I’m getting tan, theres a blessing in everything!

Miculla dunes

This week went by, sooo fast, it’s scary. Little by little the days are starting to go faster and faster before I know it, I’m gonna be done with my training! 

Things are starting to pick up a little more each week too. We have more investigators, and one in particular who has a baptismal date and he's been progressing SOOO MUCCHHH! It feels soooo good to teach people and to help them learn how to develop a relationship with their Heavenly Father and seeing them being so willing to make all the changes necessary to their lives to follow the example of Christ. It really makes walking for hours through the heat all worth it, I LOVE ITTT!! and its only been three weeks! I cant wait to see how much better it gets. 

Sister Mendez and I with sun glasses
This is my intimidating look, with the lip like that no body dare to get close

I never realized how AMAZING studying the scriptures could really be, before, I used to just read them, but wow! the foot notes are AMAZING they help you understand so much more and I’ve been reading a Book of Mormon manual along with it and it helps me analyze the scriptures in a way I never have before, its so cool. I’ve learned sooo much more and every time I study I ALWAYS find something that helps my investigators. It feels so cool to be able to apply the teachings of the scriptures not only to my life but for others too, I LOVE the scriptures now. 

A giant among men in Tacna

Today was such a fun PDay! (day off for preparation, this is the day that we use to do our personal things and also to go places and to learn more about our area, having fun) this day, a family in the ward invited us out and they took as to see all of Tacna. It was so fun. Remember the picture of the arch I sent last week? theres a park that has all of that in miniature and I took a picture next to it, it makes me look like a giant lol. Also, they took us wayyyyyyy into like the desert area, Miculla I think its called, and its alllllll desert and its like all sand dunes there, and there was this rope bridge that goes across the canyon and we crossed it. It was so scary but so fun, we kept shaking the bridge as we crossed it and it would start to sway, but don’t worry mom, it was all very safe lol. I’m gonna send lots of pics.

This bridge was scary but fun

My companion and I
Emitting the statute at the park 

I know you can not see the statute now but you get the idea

Eating a Peruvian popsicle with a little girl of my ward 

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