Wednesday, February 1, 2017

God does really know what you are going through, and send His tender mercies only for you.

Orion's Belt, a very special gift just for me

Hey guys! Hermana Burgos here coming with another weekly update!  

Things finally started to pick up this week! We have 4 investigators and one baptism date!!! it feels sooo good to finally have other stuff to do besides contacting, lol. and it feels soooo good to teach people!!!!! 
Like, actually helping people learn about the gospel and helping them see how it can change their life is so amazing I loooveeee it. 

Also, one of the things we have to do everyday here in the mission is language study. The gringos study Spanish and the Spanish people study English, which left me out cause I ain’t gotta study none of that, so I took it upon myself to learn QUECHUA!!!! (which is a native inca language, for those who don’t know) I even bought my self a book and cd today so i can start! and one of my zone leaders speaks Quechua so I can practice with him!  hopefully in a while ill be TRILIGUALLLLLL! HEYOOOOOOOOO!! lol.

Ready to start learning Quechua, I'm going to impress my investigators

Today we went to this thing called la Cachina, which is literally just these streets full of literally everything you can think of and they sell it for SUPEERR CHEAPPPP!! its like a giant flee market, mom, you´d love it there. I got 6 skirts and 3 shirts there and I didn’t even spend 30 soles! (Peruvian money, which is like 10 bucks, super cheap) and its so nice to have more stuff to wear cause I was already tired of wearing the same old stuff lol.

The ward is starting to shape up to! people are finally starting to help us they’re trying to do more stuff to strengthen themselves and help us find more people, in a while hopefully we´ll have a super strong branch. 

Oh! and something super cool happened! one thing here that I don’t like is that there are literally NEVER any stars in the sky, like you’re lucky if you see one or two. Anyways, there was this one night that totally sucked cause no one wanted to listen to us and our appointments fell through and I was feeling super down and then I look up at the sky and I saw my favorite constellation, Orion’s Belt! and obviously it made me super happy to see that and i didn’t feel sad anymore, and later that night, it disappeared, so it was only there during the time I felt sad. some may say that its a coincidence, but I felt that when I looked up and saw that, heavenly father was giving me the little extra boost I needed to get through that night. so yeah, super cool. ( To my family, please when you see the missionaries  open your home for them and ask them to teach you, you don’t know how happy you will make them, you won’t loose anything by listening)

I’ve only been here two weeks and I already have a killer watch tan and shoe tan! 

watch tan

Shoe tan

When we don't have anyone to tech we teach the JW