Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hey Family Happy Valentine's Day

A view of a sunset from my room

I love ALL OF YOU! and eat lots of chocolate for me! 

This week was pretty cool. We got FOUR NEW INVESTIGATORS and one of them was from one of our own investigators! she just started inviting her friend to our lessons and she’s super interested which is so cool. Also we found this family that is SO AMAZING we literally went to their house for the first time on Friday and they invited us to dinner that night and we had lunch with them yesterday! and they absolutely love everything we teach them they are the best. Things are really starting to pick up over here, and its so cool. 

I`ve been eating sooo much rice and potatoes here its literally in every meal and every day is a carb overload. Its so bad no wonder all the sisters gain weight over here, BUT I DONT WANT TO GET FAT so my companion and I have taken it upon ourselves to start a diet and start running every morning, and for those of you who know me know that diet and exercise are not my favorite things, so, we`ll see how that goes, lol.

Anyways, not much more to report about this week, and the only pictures I have are of the view of the sunset from my room, and a pic of me and my compi. Hopefully I`ll have more to share next week. Love you all!! 

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