Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My second week at the MTC

Hey followers! 

Its already been two weeks since I've left and they went by soooo fast I cant belive it. I still cant believe Im actually on a mission! everytime I look down at my nametag it doesnt feel real. anyways, onto the weekly update.

This week has been kinda an emotional roller coaster, I go back and forth from being too happy that I'm on a mission, to being terrified to actually go out into the field next week. I have no idea what im gonna do when i get there but hopefully ill be fine! 

OH! and so tell me how there was an EARTHQUAKE here this past week and i DIDNT FEEL IT!!!! UGGHHH  IM SO MADDDDDDDDD!!!!! I was walking out of the dining area and suddenly I see a bunch of people standing on the spots we are suppose to go to when there's an earthquake and there was a giant cloud of dust everywhere and yet somehow i didnt feel it!!!!!!!! luckily though there's earthquakes in Arequipa too so I'll most likely get some action soon lol and if Im extra lucky maybe the volcano will erupt too!! JK

Oh! and i completely forgot to tell you guys that the first day here they called me as an Hermana Cordinadora, so yeah, on top of the regular amount of stress I have from the mission, I got more having to be a leader and idk why they even called me, im terrible at it, but the Lord gives us assignments for some reason so i guess im just gonna have to wait and find out.

And here at the mtc, we split off into districts, and my district is actually the BESTTT!! We all get along sooo great and we all work so well together and we all make fun of each other lol  i love them all so much they're the best.

Anyways, I am LOVING Peru! Its so beautiful here! I cant wait to see how Arequipa looks like. anyways, thats all I have for now. And since this is my last week here I probably wont have a pday next week but i'll be back soon, no worries. I love you and miss you all!!!!! Hermana Burgos out

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