Monday, January 23, 2017

In the field, building the Kingdom

In my way to my district in Tacna 

Hey followers!!! Whats popping homies??? 

I'm in the field now!!! heyooo!!!! I'm in this town called Tacna area Bolognesi and its suupperrrr pretty here!!! 
We live in the third floor of a house with some members and right in front of us is this super cute little park, I'll send a picture of it.

The cute little park park I see every morning

Sad news though, when we got to Arequipa it was CLOUDYYY! So, I couldnt see the volcano and take pictures!! but hopefully I'll go back there and get to see it. Like I said, Im in Tacna now, right by the chilean border, heyoo!! and it is SOOO HOTTTT!!! I'm already getting tan, lol.

The area we are in was closed for a while, so, we're opening it again and we know NO ONEE!! We're always lost, lol.
So weve just been contacting so far but its all been good. The field isn't as scary as I thought it would be. My companion, Hermana Mendez is AMAZING!!! She's so fun and shes really been helping me adjust and realize that missionary work really isn't that hard. 

Con la Hermana Retamal

We are gonna have to put in some work here though, cause no only we do not have any investigators, but the ward here isn't that strong, so we have to simultaneously help strengthen the members AND bring in investigators, so, that should be fun lol. But I've actually been enjoying it so far.

Eating a peruvian hamburger 

Sister Mendez eating Salchi-papas

The group of missionaries that form my district

I cant wait for us to finally have something else to do besides contacting though and I hope this heat will keep me from gaining weight too lol.

This morning, we met up with all the other sisters in our zone and hiked up a giant pile of sand that they call mountains here lol. Those of you who know me can guess that it was HORRIBLE!! Me and physical activity do not go well together lol but when we made it to the top, it was amazingggg lol. Anyways, I love you guys and miss you all!!! Keep emailing me and send me pics!!!!

At the top of the sand hill

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