Thursday, January 5, 2017

My first week at the MTC in Lima, Peru

Hey followers, Sister Burgos here reporting live from the Peru MTC.

My week has been sooooo great!!!! And being in an all spanish evnvirnment has apparently made me improve real quick cause everyone here is always so shocked when they find out I'm actually white lol Its been a little hard to adjust to the MTC life, but Im doing great. My companion, hermana Soliz is AMAZING!!!! shes so funny and outgoing and shes been helping me feel a lot more confidence about being a missionary. My teachers are great and I just absolutely love it here. I also been playing soccer here and playing with people who are actually good has made me step my game up a bit lol So yeah, thats my update on my first week. I love you and miss you alll sooooooooo much!!!!

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