Monday, April 3, 2017

Almost done with my training!, Trusting in the Lord!

Sending you guys a kiss with my little friend 

Hey followers! Sorry I flaked out on you guys last week, but I had to go to Arequipa and get my ID thingy so I´m not ilegal anymore. 

Anyways, this is my LAST WEEK before the transfers, which means its my last week of training! Sooo exciting but terrifying at the same time, cause now I actually have to know how to do stuff like on my own now, which is horrifying. 

Im also sad cause I'm most likely going to get separated from my mother, which means I have to like, adapted to living with a whole different person, again, but I guess thats just how the mission is. I just hope I get to stay in my area a bit longer.

Since we basically had to start from scratch, things finally started picking up just in these past few weeks, and I want to be able to stay and see it keep growing and see the progress of the investigators we have now. Honestly, one comes to love the people they teach and the people they work with in the ward SSOOOO MUCCHHHH. 

Being a representative of Jesus means taking on ourselves his attributes, loving others being the most important of those attributes, and being to look at people the same (well, almost the same) way that Christ sees them, you develop such a deep love for them, and a desire to serve and help them as much as possible, so clearly one can understand why I dont want to leave my area just yet, but I just have to trust that the Lord will put me where I need to be (which hopefully next time isnt a desert). 

Anyways, conference this weekend was BOMB! That talk that Joaquin E. Costa gave was a DREAM for all us missionaries #defshowingtoallmyinvestigators. 

I left my camera cable, so all i have now is a selfie of me and this kid. Enjoy!

Sister Burgos 

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